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Close to the heart of Sydney’s second CBD in Parramatta, and only 30 minutes from the main CBD, Westmead is ideally located. It’s also a hub for educational and hospital facilities. Whether you’re buying or selling, Smarter Conveyancing in Westmead partners with the best property lawyers to ensure a hassle-free transaction.

You won’t be baffled with legal terms. We will explain all you need, every step of the way, in understandable language. All necessary paperwork will be completed in a timely manner, and we are always available for questions and advice.
Our experts in Westmead know all the loopholes and intricacies. They can ensure everything is tied up for a smooth conveyancing journey.

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Smarter Conveyancing in Westmead Can Help

The ins and outs of transferring property, whether buying or selling, are complex if you don’t know have the right knowledge.

Our expert property solicitors make sure all the legalities are dealt with. We ensure every transaction is open, transparent and dealt with efficiently.


Our team of conveyancing partners in Westmead will provide:

  • Personal, attentive service at all times.
  • Knowledge and expertise relating to conveyancing in the Westmead area.
  • Understandable advice from start to finish.
  • Open and honest, all-inclusive pricing.
  • Competitive rates.
  • No hidden fees.
Irrespective of which side of the property transfer you are on, Smarter Conveyancing in Westmead can help.

Selling Property in Westmead, NSW

Following your decision to sell your home or reap the profits of an investment property, you just want to move forward. Our partnered property lawyers in Westmead are here to make sure your expectations are met. All the necessary regulations will be followed to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Westmead is a sought-after area for both families and young professionals. Its excellent transport network, hospitals, educational facilities, and open spaces make it a convenient and attractive location to live.

A contract of sale and vendor’s statement are just some of the documents you need to sell your property. Our conveyancing experts will help and advise you about these and any additional paperwork that pertains to the Westmead area.

Smarter Conveyancing will have you covered throughout the process.

Buying Property in Westmead, NSW

Westmead (2145) offers potential for property investment. Many people move to this area for work in the healthcare and education sectors. It’s also a great location for city commutes, or access to the many amenities situated just across Parramatta Park.

The homes in this area vary, from 19th-century elegance right up to modern apartment blocks and units. So whether you want a classic renovation project or something ready to move into, there’s plenty on offer.

Once you find the right property and your offer is accepted, you will need to secure the services of a conveyancing lawyer. Smarter conveyancing will pair you up with the perfect partner to handle the finer details of your purchase.
Peace of mind will come from knowing that an expert in the field is watching out for your interests. Our advocate will act on your behalf, to make sure your purchase is as seamless as possible.

Our conveyancing experts in Westmead will carry out all the legal searches to ensure your investment is sound. They will liaise with your bank and make sure settlement takes place, so you can get the keys to your new home.

Let’s Chat About How We Can Make Your Life Easier 

What to Expect from Our Property Lawyers in Westmead

Local knowledge and legal expertise are at your fingertips when you engage Smarter Conveyancing in Westmead for your property purchase or sale. Our conveyancers will be the intermediaries for all concerned parties, to ensure a smooth transaction. From inception to completion, you’ll be updated every step of the way.

Document Assistance

All essential documents will be procured and scrutinised to ensure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. We make sure that all regulatory compliance is adhered to so you don’t have to worry.
We’ll carry out detailed searches so that transfer documents can be completed and passed to the land registry after settlement.

Support and Advice

Dealing with the legal aspects of property transfer is our speciality. Smarter Conveyancing’s property solicitors in Westmead will lead you through the process, explaining all the implications in terms you can understand.
Advice is tailored to make sure all is in order for the day you take ownership of your home, or the funds from the property sale are deposited into your bank.

Settlement Services

Arriving at a final settlement involves meetings with the parties involved and liaising with your bank.
Your personal advocate will make sure funds are in place when they are needed to complete the transaction.

Smarter Conveyancing Is Your All-In-One Solution

With Smarter Conveyancing in your corner, all aspects of your property sale or purchase will be catered for. No matter where you are in the process, whether at offer stage or nearing completion, we’re here to help.

We offer an all-round service, to ensure your transaction is successful.

Want to streamline buying or selling your property? Chat to Smarter Conveyancing today and find out what we can do for you.